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About Anger of Stick 4

Of course, all you very familiar with this game. The fourth installment releases on 2015. The game quite phenomenal since the first series. If you look at the gameplay it’s quite simple and it’s not really great. You can feel the sensation after you play the game. You will get really addicted toward this game. We sure of it.

This game does not sell the graphics aspect. But the gameplay aspect. If you want to play it you need a smartphone, the OS are Android and IOS. Until today 30 million users play this game according to Play Store. That’s really something to see right?

Anger of Stick 4 Features

Of course great game always follows by good features. Are you curious about the features this game offer? Check out the list below to help you get it.

  • Many types of Heroes: Choose KungFu, blade, Gun, Machine Robot, shotgun, Warrior type. Of course, all heroes have different type and skill. So, choose your favorite to become the number one with your hero.
  • RPG Elements: this game use RPG system. You need to level up your characters to become stronger. Also, there are Jam features. Its’ like a system to get a skill for your heroes. If you’re familiar with RPG you will know about it.
  • Online Multi-Player: Of course nowadays game have online features. Like always you can battle alongside your friends to beat up some bosses.
  • Team Battle Mode: You need to work as a team to beat another. You can’t attack alone, for sure you will be death. That’s why your team combination is a must in this game.

Anger of Stick Gameplay

This game already exists for the first time on PC. The game gets more popular when releasing on the smartphone. Many users play this game all day long. If you want to try it download the game on Play Store. The size is not that big. But, at least you free up some your storage space. Now, we go to the actual gameplay.

At the beginning of the game. You need to choose your hero type. There are KungFu, blade, Gun, Machine Robot, shotgun, Warrior type. Choose which one do you like. Of course, all hero have different skill and status. If you want higher attack, of course, you need to choose warrior. Not only that, the tutorial screen will also pop-up to help your journey in this game. We really recommend you to follow the tutorial till the end because it will help you understand the game mechanism.

The gameplay is side scrolling. So you need to move left or right to process in the stage. The gameplay quite simple, you just need to punch all your enemies who interfere with your progress. You can guess, at the end, you will face a boss and complete the stage. Do you think it will be easy to defeat the boss? Of course not. You need a strategy and timing your skill to hit the boss. At least this game has 600 stage you can try.

If you’re feeling bored you can try multiplayer mode to play with your friends. Do you think it will be more fun to defeat the boss together with your friends? For the graphics not really special. But the details really great to see. The control also good. It’s really easy to navigate. Overall, this is a great game to play. If you have a spare time, try this game. We sure you will like this godly game very much!

In-App-Purchase VS Anger of Stick 4 Hack

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If you want to play normally you can get the gems and gold by participate in the game event and beat all the stage. Of course, you can try it if you have enough patient. You don’t need to think anymore. We sure this our Anger of Stick 4 generator really helpful for all of you. Now, what are you waiting for? Get the hack right now before it’s too late.