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About Angry Birds Epic RPG

This game released on June 12, 2014. The game quite phenomenal because it’s the Angry birds franchise, so all users expected this game will be good enough to play. The excitement already pays, this game offer you an interesting genre into Angry Birds world.

This game is free to play. You don’t need to pay for it, except you want to purchase the extra content. This game can be play on Android and IOS. The version of the game up until now is 1.2.7 for both versions. This game has very interesting concept. It uses RPG as the main genre.

Angry Birds Epic RPG Features

Great game must equipped with an amazing features. Are you curious about it? Of course you will. It will be weird if you don’t feel curious. That’s enough talk, just check out the full features below.

  • A horde of Enemies: Fight against many enemies in this game and survive the last to proof which is stronger. Use your bird’s skill or attack normally to beat all the pig in this game.
  • Many Interesting Classes: Choose your own favorite class in this game. you can become the mightiest warrior or become a magician to burn down your opponent. This game has much interesting class to offer. So, don’t forget to run your experiment which class is the strongest.
  • Crafting: Do you want to get stronger equipment? Your only way is to craft the equipment until it releases the full potential and beat down all your opponent.
  • Arena: Do you want to proof who is the stronger in this game? Challenge the arena battle to become the number one. Also, you will get a special reward after you get certain ranking.

Angry Birds Epic RPG Gameplay

This game like your usual RPG game. if you ever play turn base RPG you won’t find any problem with this game at all. At the first time, you play this game you will control the red bird. Of course, you know this bird because it’s the default one each time you play the Angry Birds game. You will be given a tutorial how to play this game.

Bit by bit you can get the other characters and make your team more powerful. The battle system is really simple. You have your normal attack, items, and skill. Of course, we don’t need to tell you what kind of command is that. If you’re in a pinch don’t hesitate to use your bird skill to deal a tremendous amount of damage. Of course, all birds have a different skill you can use.

The graphics of this game also really good guys. The 2D quality really smoothes and the details look very awesome. We sure all of you like the graphics mechanism for this game. The control of this game also quite responsive and without lag. So, we sure you don’t need to break your smartphone while playing this game.

Overall, this game is really interesting. The concept makes you curious what kind of this game offer to you. The main factor why this game really great is the interesting genre that this game offer. This will keep other player feel interested with this game. Now, what are you waiting for play this game now, before you regret it.

In-App-Purchase VS Angry Birds Epic RPG Hack

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