Who doesn’t know about Angry Birds? The game where we see the birds flying by using a catapult to destroy the structures. Everyone must love this one because the gameplay is really interesting and addicting. But now, we can play with the birds in a different way. How about we play with them in an RPG style. And now, this Angry Birds Epic RPG review will discuss everything about this unique Angry Birds game.

Angry Birds Epic RPG Review

Angry Birds Epic RPG is a turn-based game which released in 2014 by Rovio Entertainment. This game can be downloaded and played on the mobile device which uses Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. It is free to download and play but we will meet some in-app purchase with various price.

Now, let’s talk about Angry Birds Epic RPG gameplay. If we talk about this aspect, we will find something new in this game. Yeah, it is the way we play. Here, we will have to take the birds into a combat. So, the birds will fight the pigs directly in a head to head battle. Each bird has an offensive move, a defensive move, and a special ability. Our strategy will be needed in this game because the pigs also have their own special ability.

As we level up and gain much experience, we can make some items and defensive tools that can be applied to our birds. The items and defensive tools are really useful in this game because they can increase our birds’ stats.

What’s Good about This Angry Birds Epic RPG Game?

The good thing from this game is the different style of gameplay. If we used to see an Angry Birds game with just the same style where we just catapulting the birds to destroy the structures. But, this game is trying something new by using an RPG game style. This game also completed with various of enemies, abilities, and items that make this game more interesting.

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