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About Angry Birds Transformer

This game has a different schedule when it’s the first release. For Android on October 30, 2014, and IOS on October 15. Actually, there are no different at all for both of them. This game was published by Rovio. Of course, all of you know this developer.

This side scrolling shooter really quite phenomenal when it first appears, because it’s about Angry Birds. Of course all people curious about it. This game actually really unique, because it combines Angry Birds and Transformer franchise into one.

Angry Birds Transformer Features

Mostly, users curious about the features of the game, especially an amazing game like this. Worry not, We already provided the features below, check it now!

  • Unique Heroes: This game offer you unique birds or we can say it, hero, right now. With the amazing shooting ability take down all you enemy that in your way.
  • Transformation: Don’t need to be afraid, you can change the mode like Transformer. Can you imagine your birds will transform into a truck or car? Of course, it’s really unbelievable until you try it.
  • Upgrade Your Weapon: Unleashed your weapon full power by upgrading it. Beat all you enemy with your powerful weapon and show who is the strongest in this game.
  • Tag Team Play: Ask your friends to join your battle to unlock even more powerful attack. You can also combine your friend’s power to unleash devastating that kill the enemy immediately.

Angry Birds Transformer Gameplay

Of course all of you now about Angry Birds franchise. All of you must play the previous game. If you think this game have the same gameplay you were mistaken. This game really fresh and actually quite unique for you who fans Angry Birds game.

At the first you begin the game, you will be given a brief story about this game. After that, you can guess what it is. The tutorial screen will appear to teach you how to play this game effectively. The gameplay quite simple, you will know how to play it immediately. Your task in this game only shoot down the enemy and beat down the boss at the end of the stage.

The genre is quite unique for Angry Birds franchise because of its use side-scrolling shooter genre. It’s like you play Marion game, but the different you have a weapon right now to beat down all your opponent. You can also use skill to end the fight quickly. All birds have a different skill. So, it’s really recommended you try each of them and find who your favorites are.

The control aspect of this game is quite good. The touchscreen really sensitive and intuitive. So, it’s really easy to navigate. For the graphics is using 3D. The details and effects also really good and smooth. The graphics quality is are top notch guys!

Overall, this game not really bad. If you love Angry Birds game, of course, you will try this game and curious about this game. If you search for a casual game. You can try this game too. Now, what are you waiting for? Transform your birds into vehicles and beat all your enemy with a devastating attack.

In-App-Purchase VS Angry Birds Transformer Hack

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You can also get the gems for free by playing the game or wait until an event that offers you many gems. It’s kinda hassle to wait something. As a result, you will get bored with this game already. Now, erase your doubt and use Angry Birds Transformer generator to generate free gems.