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About Angry Birds Transformers

Angry Birds Transformers is the franchise of one of the most popular game in Play Store and App Store, Angry Birds. Rovio entertainment has been released this game in October 2014 and now it has more than 10 million times in Play Store only. This time Angry Birds is not using the catapult anymore. They band together with the Transformers to fight the Piggies. This game is a 3D action shooting adventure game where the player controls an Autobirds to shoot the Piggies by using the laser. Overall, the gameplay of this game is quite good

Angry Birds Transformers Gameplay

angry birds transformers gameplay

Angry Birds Transformers Game Features

  • There are some characters that you can unlock and collect in this game.
  • Transform into a vehicle such as a car, truck, tank, or plane to dodge the falling hazards.
  • Upgrade the weapon and character to be stronger and get new abilities for each character.
  • Borrow your friend’s character to help you in the game.

The Currency Systems

There are two currency systems that available in this game they are, Coins and Gems. Both of them are used to upgrade your characters so they can be stronger. The difference between these two is when you use the Coins to upgrade your character, you need to take some time until the upgrade is finished. But, you don’t have to wait if you use the Gems to upgrade. Your character will be upgraded in instant. Unfortunately, the Gems is harder than the Coins to be obtained. But, I have a way to get it easily and fast. Just click this Angry Birds Transformers hack if you are curious.

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