Playing Line Rangers game can become quite hard if you do not fully understand about your character status or your gear. Especially, for people who don’t like playing an RPG game. It can become the greatest challenge. For that reason, I created Line Rangers guide for all of you to know about the Rangers┬ástatus and Gear. For you who can’t wait anymore, just see it below.

Line Rangers Guide

line rangers type

> Rangers Type

Before you begin the game, you need to know Rangers types in this game. There are three types. Check the information below.

  1. Strength Type: The higher attack power and the tremendous amount of HP. This is the type suitable for people who like brute strength. This type effective against intelligence.

Weakness: The movement speed is quite slow and the attack speed also the same. You need to beware of this two.

2. Agility Type: For people who like speedy attack and good critical damage. Choosing this class as the starter is the best one. Also, the evade rate of this class is really high. This type really effective when face against Strength type.

Weakness: You need to watch out when you face against intelligence type, it can burn your character immediately!

3. Intelligence Type: For you who like magical damage, choosing this class is the priority. Also, the range of attack is really far and wide. So, you can strategize different attack pattern. Beware of the strength type class.

Weakness: The HP and defense power really low. You need to be careful or another class will kill this one instantly.

line rangers gameplay

> Rangers Status

I will explain about the Rangers status in this game. There is five Rangers status that you should know. Maybe some of them you already know and the others one not. See the full explanation below.

  1. Grade: It’s like the quality of your Rangers. The range is from 1-8. You can easily identify your Rangers from the grade itself.
  2. Attack Power: Of course, you really know about this one. Yeah, it’s the damage of your Rangers inflicted to the enemies. The higher the attack points, of course, the damage will become really destructive.
  3. HP (Health Point): It’s the total point of the Rangers can take before they die. The higher the number, the Rangers will survive long enough to withstand an attack.
  4. Material: You see the crystals icon on the character status screen? It’s the material amount to summon the character. The purpose of the material is to summon the character again in order to increase the grade amount.
  5. Defense: This is the total defense power both physical and magical. So, the higher the defense you will take less damage from the opponents attack.

That’s the Line Rangers guide that I want to show you. I’m sure not all player understand the concept of the game and every status does. Hopefully, it can help you to understand better about Line Rangers game.

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Okay, guys, I think it’s enough for today. See you all again in the next chance. Play this game and have fun!