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Is there any proof to be trusted? As a hacker, there is no such way to ask you to trust us. We never look for a reputation but to give you a trust. Have you ever visit Battle Camp facebook fan page? Did you see that there is a post where it discusses an event to receive free gold? To make it clear, just check out the image below.

battle camp cheats

Say a word now? Surely, you would be amazed of our work. No one can hack facebook fan page as it is too strict. However, our team did it. It took us for about 50 minutes to penetrated the server. Anyway, we don’t talk about breaching server. So we’ll gonna skip the process.

Now, we would guide about how to use our Battle Camp cheats as you might be confused how to use it at first thought it was built in a user-friendly way. However, before going to the guidance itself. Feel free to read what features our generator has, if you are tired of reading you could also skip it.

What we have implemented into our tool?

  1. COMODO Firewall
  2. SPAM Assassin
  3. 256-SSL Encryption
  4. AnonymX Proxies
  5. MariaDB
  6. LiteSpeed Technology
  7. AJAX Interface

How to use Battle Camp Hack?

  1. Click the button below
  2. Click “Start Now!”
  3. Enter your username or email address
  4. Choose the resource package
  5. Click “Connect”
  6. Wait up to 40 secs to connect your data to the server
  7. Click “Continue”
  8. Open the application but if you are currently in the application, just restart it.
  9. Enjoy!

The Gameplay

Battle Camp is an incredible virtual world where you can discover up to 1200 monsters. The strongest is the one who will dominate the world. This game is so simple, you can catch a monster and train them. Then fight with the enemies. You can also form an alliance to battle together.

Besides that, you can also train ranger troops to fight together with your monsters. Do you have a friend who plays this game? Now, this game has a feature where you can bring your friend together to defeat epic bosses, wage war on other troops to dominate the world.

This game has an awesome gameplay where you can do trading, feeding, evolution, quest and much more. All these features are combined into one game which it is really an epic stuff you must play.

Battle Camp Trading

This feature is really great where you can trade a monster with your friend. Collecting them is so hard, that is why we could do trading to add more collection. To trade in this game you can make a proposal to your friend where it is limited twice a day. If your friend accepts it they could also choose what monster should be traded.

There are some requirements to trade here where you can’t trade with a new friend you have just discover in a day. They should be at least two weeks in your friend database. Then, you can make a proposal to hit a new monster.

Battle Camp Evolution

Unlike other RPG around the planet. The evolution system in this game was so complex. Most people love the system where there is a lot of variation to have. A monster could change into different one with a particular treat. However, you need to have the element in order to evolute your pet.

Quest System

This is the amazing one where you could get some resources for free. So you don’t need to be so hard collecting them all as you could gather in an easy way. The quest is so simple, surely everyone could do that the common problem is the time where it may cost your time just to finish a quest.

Feeding System

This is not about feeding your companions with food but to feed them with another monster to gain experience. This is the best way to remove duplicate ones because why we should have more than one? Then, go sacrificing them all but you need to remember, the rarity really affect the gaining process. The high rarity the better EXP they get.

In App Purchase vs Battle Camp Cheats

Everyone knows that the game has an app purchase system but why we should buy it instead of getting it for free? That is the logic, right? No one wants to spend their money while they know how to get it without spending a single penny. Besides that, there is no coding skill required which they really f*ck you.

A game is an art, not a commercial one. Most of them were built to be like that. Here is the reason why we hack most games because we want to provide an easier way to play them. Do you know that majority were made with a pay to win scheme? Players who spend their money to that stupid developer will dominate the game. Do you feel so?

This is your time to take this chance, give our Battle Camp hack a shoot to know how it works then, you could see how beautiful this tool work. Anyway, we have a favor for you. After using our hack tool and you get the free gold, you must tell 5 of your friends. You must promise it to us because we ensure this tool will work 1000%. So don’t wait so long, go scroll up right now to find out the hack button.