Many people are looking for Bloons Tower Defense 5 hacked. So then, we are from Dodohack created the hack tool for you. The hack tool is generator based so you just need to choose what package do you want. All packages will be based on the game package itself because we do anĀ injected method.

We are going to share about what can you do with our hack tool. This is just a little explanation of our tool. For more information, you can read each section given in this article. So, you can learn more from it.

How does Our Bloons Tower Defense 5 Hacked Work?

Unlike another tool which just instructs you to do something but we will teach you how could you hack your Bloons Tower Defense 5. Surely, you would be happy to follow our step as you can also learn basic of hacking

Send Auto Brute Force

This is the first step when you have done generating free money and coins from our generator. Our bot will be automatically doing a brute force to the server to gain the server access. This is the hardest part as we have to create lots of algorithms.


After accessing the server, our bot will parse the data. If you ever did a hacking from cheat engine. Maybe you will see lots of hexes that you have to solve in order to destroy the system so your cheat will work. It is not really different with our DOM Parser.

SQLite Injector

When our bot has been successfully parsing the data. It will automatically open the database and inject the game package to your account. This took a little time to do but this is the hardest part to build as we have to build our bot to inject it in a single milisecond to not let the firewall know that our bot is transmitting the data.

Never Use Unlimited Money Generator

If you are recently using a generator to get free unlimited money to your Bloons TD 5 game. Then you are in a trouble. Hope that tool does not work because it will be something bad if the tool work.


You must avoid it because they are fake. If there is unlimited money transmitted to your account. Surely, you will get banned within a sec because the firewall software like as “CSF” (ConfigServer Security & Firewall) will track the transmitted data.

What is The Suggestion Then?

The best solution for this is to avoid the tool which promises you to have unlimited money. If you are looking for Bloons TD 5 hacked you must consider about their system. Make sure it is safe to use. Or if there is an available option to custom your request. Please fill the amount which is same as the game package itself.

Tips to Secure Your Account

Despite we said that our tool is secure to use but there are some rules that you have to follow. Sometimes, we could not predict how the system works. One thing that you have to know. If the firewall caught our boat. We have to recover it as the firewall will break our bot into a piece of cake.

Close the Game

Do not ever log in into the game when you are using our generator. The best way is to close your game first.

Restart Your Phone

Do you know that Android OS save cache on the RAM and this could be a problem if you cache is being tracked by the game server’s firewall? It would be better to restart the phone then it will clear temporary cache.

Choose the Money & Coins Package Wisely

Instead of choosing the highest one. Why do not you give a try with the lowest one to make sure that everything works fine? Sometimes, it is not logic if a person bought the expensive package while they never bought a single package in the game. Usually, some people will buy the lowest one at first then buy for the higher one.

What Can You Do with Money in Bloons Tower Defense 5?

You can do almost everything with free money from our generator. As you can build all towers in this game, create an infinite troop and so on. But the important thing you can pass almost all level but use your money wisely, do not use it too often because we do not allow you to use our hack tool more than one time.

How to Hack Bloons TD 5 Hacked?

Here is the important section to read. After reading all the explanation below about how our Bloons Tower Defense 5 hacked worked, then some tips to avoid scammed, and also tips to secure your account. Now, we will guide you how to use the hack tool.

Access the Hack Tool

Click “Start Now”

In this step, you have to click “Start Now” button to begin the generator

click start now button

Select The Package

Choose how many money & coins amount do you need then click “Connect”.

choose the money and coins package

Wait for the Generator Process

Do not worry, this step won’t take so long but the longer it runs the complex your account data is.

connect your device

Successfully Generated

Congratulation, it is already generated successfully, you may check your account now.


Final Words

That is all about our Bloons TD 5 generator. Hope you could understand how our Bloons TD 5 hacked works, securing your account and so on. If you have a question regarding our hack tool. We are open for a question. Feel free to give your comment below.