Cars Fast As Lightning is a game which adapted from the Cars movies franchise. This game is really good to be played especially if you love Cars so much. The gameplay of it is quite fun for me and the graphic is also good. Here, you will have to race and build the Radiator Springs. But, do you know how to play it? If you still confuse, you can check out Cars Fast As Lightning tips and tricks below. I’m sure you will love the tips that I will share with you because it is very useful, guys.

cars gameplay

Cars Fast As Lightning Tips And Tricks

Start A Race Perfectly

I suggest you not to tap the acceleration pedal when the countdown is still counting. You have to wait until the right time when the GO sign is appear. By doing this way, you will get a boost that can help you to get into the first position at the start of the race.

Slow Down Your Car When Necessary

You need to slow down your car if you meet a turn. But, make sure you only slowing down your car when the turn is really curvy. Don’t slow down your car when the turn is still normal because your position could be taken over by the other car. And if you don’t slow down when the turn is really curvy, you will get crashed.

Upgrade Your Car

To become a winner you need a fast car. So, don’t forget to go to the garage and upgrade your car as soon as possible to increase its power and speed. Upgrading the car also affecting your chance in winning races.

Decorate The City

In this game, you can decorate the city. There are so many spot in the town that you can decorate by building some new building which can earn you some Coins depends on the time to prodeuce the Coins.

How To Get Gems?

How to get a lot of Gems will be my last Cars Fast As Lightning tips. Actually, it is quite hard to get this thing but you can get it through the game although it will take a long time. But, if you want a faster way, I can give you this Cars Fast As Lightning hack so you can generate as many Gems as you want.

That’s all Cars Fast As Lightning tips and tricks that I can share with all of you. I hope my tips above can help you to make a better progress in this game. Thanks for reading and see you, guys.