City Racing 3D, a great racing game from 3DGames. Here, you have to spur your car on the streets with tons of expensive cars. You need to be the fastest one in order to win the race. Overall, it is very addicting and it is a very good game to be played. And now you have to see City Racing 3D guide below so you can understand the basic things of this game. These guide suit enough for the players who still new on this game.

City Racing 3D Guide

Control Mode Selection

There is two control mode that we can choose in this game they are tilt and touch. The tilt control mode allows you to control the car by tilting your device to the left and right to change your car’s direction. Then, the touch control mode allows you to control the car by touching the screen. Touching the screen will make your car turn left and the right screen to turn right. You van set it from the setting menu.

Change the Camera

If you want to change the view of the camera, you can go to the setting menu and change the view that you want to apply. Or you can change it while you are on the game by clicking the button on the right top of your screen.

Reset The Car

When your car is stuck or crash on something, you can reset your car to get it back in the middle of the street. Just click the reset button on your screen while you are in a race.

Use The NOS

There is NOS in this City Racing 3D game. NOS or Nitrous Oxide System is used to increase your car’s speed. This can help you to catch up your opponents up front. You can click the NOS button on your screen to activate the NOS.

How to Get the NOS?

There are some ways that you can do in order to get it. The first way is by collecting the NOS item that can be collected during the race. Then, you can perform a drift which can increase it slowly but surely.


The last City Racing 3D guide is you need to check out the condition of your car. Your car will get damaged every time you join a race. And if your car has reached its worst condition, you cannot take it to join a race anymore until you fix it. So, it is important for you to fix it frequently especially when its condition is getting worse.

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