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About City Racing 3D

This amazing racing game released on April 4, 2016. At the first launched this year it’s not really popular. Many users still doubt this game before play it. After that, this game finally get a warm welcome by many users because of the play style quite great and make you feel the graphics with 3D sensation.

This launched for Android and IOS. So, you can try this game on both devices to test which one who run perfectly for you. Also, this game really smoothes and you won’t find any bug or lag in this game. we sure this is the plus point that the developer this game offer to all users.

City Racing 3D Features

Of course, before you play the game you need to know what features that game offers. now, for you who curious what kind of features that this game has, Scroll down to find more information.

  • Real Adventures: It means all cars and tracks are an exact copy of the real world stuff. so, for you who fanatic about a car you know what car that this has. Also, all the track that use in this game really exists in the real world. so for you who curious about the car track around the world, you can fulfill your wish by playing this game and taste the amazingness that this game offer.
  • Simple Customization & Upgrade: in this game, you can upgrade your car engine. of course, all racing game is very crucial to always upgrade your engine if you have the chance to do it. Also, you can paint your car to your own liking. the customization part in this game not really complex, we sure all of you can do it without a problem.
  • Easy to Control a Car: It’s very easy to control your cars in this game. when you want to turn around you don’t need to press the virtual pedal really hard. just one press and hold, your car automatically will respond it.Easy and simple right? you can only find it in this game.

City Racing 3D Gameplay

You can see many racing games released on Android and IOS, but can you choose or know what is the best racing game smartphone. Of course, it’s really confusing for some of you. if you have a problem choosing what the best racing game, why don’t you give this game a try? We sure this game worth your time and effort.

With this game, you can experience the full 3D racing. At the beginning of the game, you need to choose which car do you like. after that, you will be given a brief tutorial about this game. the game quite fun to play with. Not only that what make the game really great. the control also become one of the main factors of a racing game. The control really smooth and sensitive, we sure all of you will be surprised.

For the graphic aspect is also good. the details and effects really lovely. When your car gets crash your car body part will get destroy also. So, its like you experience the real crash. Overall, the game quite good to play. it’s worth your effort and time. We sure all of you who like racing game need to play this game. it’s really disappointing for you who miss this game.

In-App-Purchase VS City Racing 3D Hack

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