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About Clumsy Ninja

This clumsy game first published on November 21, 2013. The first released get quite a positive respond from all users who play action game because in this game you can do many activities. So, it won’t make you bored at all to play this game.

This game for Android and IOS. When this game first released it already been downloaded by 10 million users. It’s a big step for this game to make all the all players know about this game.

Clumsy Ninja Features

Of course, the great game also has great features. So, what kind of features that this game has? Check out the list below.

  • Train Your Ninja: of course, this is vital for this kind of game. You can train your ninja to become stronger and learn all the skill. Unleash your ninja skill to save your friends Kira. Also, there are approximately 70 interactive item you can use to train your ninja.
  • Real Virtual Friends: This game offers you, real virtual friends. It can sense what you are going to do. You can tickles or touch, it will sense what are you doing and respond.
  • Customize your Ninja: You can customize your ninja with your own taste. You can change the appearance, like the costume or belt. You can also take a photo to show it to your friends.
  • Euphoria Simulation Technology: This game is the first one who tastes this engine. You can meet up with a realistic virtual character on your device. It produces the virtual characters more sensitive with the touch panel and livelier than any virtual gaming that you ever saw.

Clumsy Ninja Gameplay

So, what kind of gameplay this game offer you? Of course, it will make you entertain for sure. Your task in this game is to take care of your ninja. If you ever play like for pets you know how to play this game, because it’s really similar. The only different is in this game you take care your ninja and in Foopets, you need to take care your pets.

At the beginning of this game, you will be given a tutorial how to play this game. You do many activities in this game, like train your ninja, customize it, and going to adventure with your beloved ninja. Also, there are many interesting items you can use to develop your ninja to become stronger. Do you want your ninja power to become stronger try punching bag to increase its power

In this game also has many costumes you choose for your ninja. Choose the best costume to show it to your beloved friends. Oh yeah, you can also take a photo of your ninja. For the graphics, it’s really good actually. The details and effects really smooth. The touch screen also really sensitive and responsive, you don’t need to tap it so hard.

Overall, if you like the virtual game, you need to play this game. We sure all of you will like it very much before you know it. From every aspect, this game is worth to play. Now, download it and install it. Taste the greatness this game has to offer you.

In-App-Purchase VS Clumsy Ninja Hack

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