Dragon City is a dragon breeding game where we can raise lots of dragons and bring them into a battle. And today, I’m about to tell some Dragon City battle tips for all of you who have a hard time during the combat. The tips that I’m going to tell you are very useful especially if you are still new to this game. Hopefully, all the tips below can be useful for you. So now, let’s check it out.

Dragon City Battle Tips

Bring Your Strongest Dragons

In order to win the combat, strong dragons are very needed. Bring out all of your strongest ones to the battle to guarantee you a win. Dragons with a higher level will be hard enough to beat down and their damage is far stronger. So, make sure to pick up the strongest ones.

Don’t Bring the Dragon with the Same Element

In this game, there are so many types of elements in Dragon City that own by the dragons such the fire, water, wind, earth, and so on. Since each element has a strength and weakness against the other element, it is important to bring the dragon which has a different element from one to another. This to guarantee that you have at least one dragon that has an advantage against your enemies. If all of yours are weak against the opponent’s, it would be a big problem for you.

Always Bring the Dragon with More than One Element

There are so many dragons available in this game but the basic ones just owned one element. The rarer they are, the more element they own which can benefit you during the battle. They can have two or even three elements depends on the rarity. So, never leave the dragon like this because you will have more elements to attack your enemies.

Attack the Enemies which You Are Strong Against

When you are about to launch an attack, make sure that you pay attention if your attack is strong enough to the enemy. Try to launch an attack which strong against your opponent because your attack will inflict more damage to them. And as the result, you will have a greater chance to win the battle.

That’s all Dragon City battle tips that you can apply to help you during the combat. But, before I end this article, I have one more useful tip where you can generate lots of Food, Gold, and Gems for this game. It is by using Dragon City Hack. This tool will really give you all of it. So, if you get curious about it, just try it yourself now.