Dragon City hack works both on Android and IOS. This tool has built in many algorithms that can ensure the higher success rate. No more buying premium currency and you can play this game easily because getting gems is a really frustrating thing. The important thing of this gems generator. You don’t need to do any survey or human verification.

Our tool has built in a really strong algorithm that we can ensure the success rate is 100%. You can use it both on your Android and IOS platform without getting any bugs. We have always monitored it every time. So you have nothing to worry about it.

Were you spending money to buy gems? Think again, by using this tool you don’t need to do that as you can get unlimited gems, gold, and food for free. You can be free to spend them all to buy everything you like. However, you need to spend it wisely, please don’t dominate the game too much. Use the gems if it is really necessary because when you use it too often. The other player who plays in a fair way will leave the game.

What Makes Our Tool Different?

Unlike another generator which asks you to do a human verification or survey. This Dragon City hack tool will never ask you to do that. We have a really great system to detect a bot. So only a bot who will be asked for that. If you are running on a clean computer. You don’t need to think about it.

Why Should I believe this Dragon City Hack Tool?

We won’t ask you to believe us. Believing is a kind of freedom action. We only provide it. Using or not using it really depends on the situation itself. If you really trust it, go use it but if you don’t. Just leave this page and find another tool which only gave you fake promise. Fake promise? Yeah, many tools built to have fun only but would you please to consider after seeing our user reviews? Check the image below.

Hack Proof

How to Get Free Dragon City Gems, Gold and Feed?

Alright, here is the gold step where you need to learn about operating our generator. It is not really hard but sometimes, some people were misunderstood because they don’t really have experience on using a hack generator. Anyway, our tool has been built as easy as possible with a really nice user-friendly interface. Ready to use it? Check these steps below.

  1. Exit your Dragon City app first.
  2. Click the button above (You will be transferred into the generator, make sure you turn off your proxy or VPN if you use it)
  3. Click “Start Hack!”
  4. Fill your detail (No password required, that’s yours)
  5. Click “Connect” (Wait for our bot to access the server)
  6. Done! Check your account.

If you find a bug in this tool, please inform us via comment. We will gonna fix it ASAP and inform you when it’s done. You can also give your feedback after getting your gems. Feel free to say anything here.