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About Dragon Ninjas

This RPG released on November 6, 2015. Published by MPForce. The game quite popular because it’s offer many interesting features that you will like. When this game first launched, many users welcome it with a warm hand and by bit by bit, this game already becomes really popular.

This game available on Android and IOS. What makes this game interesting is the PVP mode. You can battle against other players to test which one is the best. In Online game this mode is the key to making all players keep playing the game. Now, try this game we sure all of you will like this game.

Dragon Ninjas Features

Now, all of you must curious what the features that this game has. Okay, guys check out the list below to check out all the features.

  • Many Heroes to Choose: You can choose many heroes that this game offer. We sure you will be delighted by the characters roster. Also, you can upgrade and equip weapon, armor, and bracer to make your heroes stronger. Of course, this is the crucial part when playing an RPG game.
  • Devastating Gameplay: Upgrade your unit before going to the battlefield. This the key to winning all the battle. You need to think which skill your unit to unleashed because it’s really important to use the skill with the right opponent. So, your quick thinking and strategy is the key to winning this game.
  • Dungeons: Explore the dungeons and gain many rewards to upgrade your unit. You can also get a free weapon or armor to your unit. The rarity is random, but this is the important place to get your resources for free.
  • Arena Battle: Test your skill against another player. Which one is the best? Only you who can find out. Of course, you will get a fantastic prize but it depends on your ranking. The more you become the higher rank, your opponent will get harder.
  • Runes System: This item will strengthen your unit to release their potential. Of course, this is the crucial item you need to use before you begin your battle. You will get a buff and your unit will become stronger automatically.

Dragon Ninjas Gameplay

Do you know why this game become so popular? Of course, the gameplay is the aspect that affects all the people to play this game. Honestly, this game is really good. We sure all of you will get addicted to playing it. Now, check out the gameplay of this game. If you curious about it the game, you can try it for yourself.

At the beginning of the game, you need to choose which heroes you want. After that, you will be given a tutorial about this game. It’s really simple guys and at the end of the tutorial, you will receive a reward. The battle using turn-based RPG style. If you don’t know about it to make it’s simple, each turn you and your opponent attack each other until all one of the factions down.

Not all battle you can win without upgrade your heroes. This is the key to RPG game. you need to equip a weapon, armor, and bracer to make your unit stronger. To get it, you need to play the dungeons. You can also get it in if the game has an event to give you free weapon. Also, you need to level up your characters to increase the status.

The graphics of this game not really bad. The details and effects also really good, but the graphics quality could become better. We sure you will like the graphics aspect. The control also very easy to master because you need only to touch the screen to command your unit. Overall, this game is a must if you like RPG game.

In-App-Purchase VS Dragon Ninjas Hack

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