This action RPG game is so popular at this moment where many players compete for each other to become the best one in this game. And in order to become the best, you need to master the game first and make your troops stronger. Then, how? Don’t worry, guys, I will tell you Dragon Ninjas tips which can help you to rule this game. So, you just need to check it out below.

Dragon Ninjas Tips that You Should Know

Don’t Keep Your Resources

Resources can be obtained while you are playing the game and completing missions. Since you can get it again and again and you have a limit on your resources storage space, better you spend it for useful things. If you just keeping them until the storage reaches its max, you will just waste your resources.

Choose the Troops Wisely

In this game, each character has a different type. And each type has a weakness and strength. So, before you go to a fight, I suggest you decide which hero is the best one. Manage them wisely and look if your hero has an advantage against your enemies or not. Make sure to bring the character which has an advantage in the battle.

Clear the Achievements

You can find the achievements on your left side screen. Just swipe it and the achievements will appear. There are so many of it that you can clear and you can get something precious from them. You will get the Dragon Ninjas Gems if you have succeeded to clear each mission. So, make sure to clear as many achievements as you can to get more Gems.

Train Your Units

In order to make your troops getting stronger, you need to train them. If you have different types of troops, it would be better. So, just go to the dojo, train them all and don’t miss every single one. They will be useful enough for the next battles since each battle has different types of enemies.

What do you think of the Dragon Ninjas tips above? I’m sure it will help you a lot and make you progress faster. And I have one more tip for you and this one is very secret. This tip will help you to get a big number of Gems. Just use this Dragon Ninjas hack and you can get the number of Gems that you want.