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About Dream League Soccer

This football game releases on February 25, 2016. The newer version of this game is Dream League Soccer 2016. It’s got the latest update on the team and players. This game soon becomes hits on smartphone users because of the gameplay similar like PES on the console.

This game available for both devices, Android and IOS. Many users already downloaded this game. Approximately 10 million players already download it from the Google Play Store. This game also has many interesting that make the users always come back to play this game.

Dream League Soccer Features

So, all of you must want to know what this game features right? Now, take a peek to see what make this game really amazing out there.

  • Realistic Gameplay: Of course what you need to look at the sports game is the gameplay aspect. This also same for this game. The AI in this game really aggressive. Also, all players have a unique movement and the look of the gameplay really smooth, of course, depend on your device.
  • Create Your Dream Team: Do you ever dream to make Messi and Ronaldo team together? In this game, you can do that. You can create your dream team and win all the league.
  • Online Global: Of course this game supports online features. Now, you can take your dream team to become the number one in the world. Make your way to increasing your rank to become number one team.
  • Realistic HD Quality: This game is supported with HD graphics. The max resolution is 1920×1080. Now, you can see the beautiful model and smooth 3D graphics on your smartphone.
  • Perfect Virtual D-Pad: the obstacle that you need to play the game on the smartphone is because of the controller. Eventually, this game can overcome that and deliver you the smooth and responsive d-pad for you to play.

Dream League Soccer Gameplay

Of course, all of you need to know about the gameplay of this game. Before you play this game you need at least have 206 MB space on your devices. For the Android version at least you need version 4.0, you can say goodbye if your Android version is lower from that. After you download it you need to update inside the game, it won’t take really long time, but it depends on your connection.

At the first time, you will be given a tutorial about this game. It’s not really hard to follow, we sure all of you won’t find any problem. Now, this is the real play after you finish the tutorial. Now you can enter the league, you can create your own team or choose the official team. Of course, if you ever play PES on the console you know what you need to do from here. You can also try the exhibition to versus against NPC or if you forget about how to play it you can do the training mode.

In this game, you can also change the player costume. First, you need to download the blueprint and place in your game folder. The game will automatically scan it and you can choose the new costume. Oh yeah, you can also create your stadium to show off to your friends. You can go online and climb the rank to become the number team in this game. Of course, this the dream of all players to become number one.

The graphics of this game really good guys. The details actually quite awesome for a mobile game. You will be surprised with the enchantment from the previous series. The developer also improves the virtual control. So, right know the controller become more responsive and easy to navigate. Overall, this game is really good, if you like a soccer game, you need to play this game on your device right know.

In-App-Purchase VS Dream League Soccer Hack

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