Do you love to play a football game? Then, you must know about this one, right? This game is very popular now. It is because of the good gameplay and graphic that this game has. So, for you who play this game especially the newcomers, you must see my article today about Dream League Soccer tips and tricks. I’m sure all the tips that I am going to share below will help you a lot in this game.

Dream League Soccer Tips And Tricks

Buy New Players

dream league soccer transfer

In this game, you are allowed to buy a new player or increase their ability. So, when you start this game for the first time, don’t spend your money at all on your current players. Why? Because it will take a long time until they have a good ability. Just buy the new one which has a better ability and then you can raise them up to become the best players in this game.

Increase/Upgrade Your Stadium Capacity

dream league soccer stadium

It is important to increase your stadium capacity because it will increase the income when you play at home. You will earn more Coins based on the capacity of your stadium. The bigger your stadium, the bigger the Coins that you will get. So, if you are a newbie, you should spend your Coins on the stadium first. Upgrading your stadium also affecting your participation in a higher league. Each league tier has a different standard of stadium capacity. And for that reason, you have to fulfill that standard in order to play in a higher league.

Change Your Costume

dream league soccer team kit

I’m sure that you already know that you can change the costume of your team as you like. But, do you know that you can use the costume from the team in the real world like Chelsea, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich? Yeah, of course, you can. You just need to go to the Google and write down which team kit do you want to use. For example, Chelsea first kit 2017 dream league soccer¬†and you will see the picture above. Then, choose one, save the URL link and paste on the import kit section.

Dream League Soccer Coins Tips

dream league soccer coins

There are some ways to get the Coins in this game. The first one is by playing this game regularly. Each time you play a match, you will earn some Coins especially when you win it, score more goals, and etc. the other way is by watching advertisement video. You will get some Coins for each video that you watch. Just watch it as many as you can if you want to get a lot of Coins. The last way, you can try this Dream League Soccer hack. You will get as many Coins as you need if you use it. Just click that button now and follow the instructions that already given. After that, the Coins will be transferred straight to your account.

That’s all Dream League Soccer tips and tricks that I can share with you. I hope they can be useful for all of you. Then, thank you for reading and see you next time.