This guide will help you how to hack PSN codes to get it for free without spending a single penny.

Everyone knows about Play Station Network (PSN) as it is the only one place to get original PlayStation games. However, the price is quite expensive for several people.

If you currently have a problem with your finance. Please keep reading this article as it could help you a lot because this is the only way to get what you have dreamed about.

Talking about PSN, what game will you buy if you receive free codes? Will you buy Horizon Hero Dawn? GTA V? or Destiny 2? Those games are really popular among PlayStation gamers.

Hold on, we will give the best solution to acquire them all but it might spend for about 2 months. How can we spend a really long time like that? It is because of our PSN codes generator could be only used once two weeks.

Do not worry about that as long as we can receive our favorite game. The amount games we received it depends on how expensive the games are as once generated a single voucher. It has a value of $ 50 but usually, we can only generate for $ 20 because of its limited stock. If you are lucky enough. Then you are able to get $ 50 in one push.

Available PSN Codes

available psn codes


You are free to select among three of them but we suggest you do not select the second and third one because it could waste your time as they have no voucher. If you really want to have it. Come at +0 UTC, there could be available stock.

How to Hack?

Actually, it is so simple to do. We do not need to be confused while using their generator as it is designed to be user-friendly. The first one before hacking PSN codes. You must visit the generator.

After clicking on the button above. You would be redirected to their homepage then you could directly go to the generator by clicking “Get PSN Codes” button.

You will need to wait for the process of going to the core page. This may take some time and you may need to solve captcha there.

how to hack - step 1

When you are on the page above just give a test for $ 20, usually, the first one has a higher success rate.

how to hack - step 2

Just click “Next” button then you will need the generator to process your request. This could take a couple seconds because they should check the available stock. If it is not available. You will receive a notification.

how to hack - step 3

One step closer guys, if you are landed on this page. Then your request has been accepted. Now, we are going to follow each step given on the generator. It is so simple, we just need to share on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. After that, you can also like their Facebook page.

The final one is to click “Get Code”!

Wait a minute because it needs a process to deliver the codes. You may check what game would you like to buy while waiting for it.

my psn codes

Congratulations, you have just received free PSN codes from the generator. That is our codes, we have used it and it worked like a charm. Here is your turn. Do not wait anymore as they could be lack of voucher next day.

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