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About Heroes of Order & Chaos

The game first releases on January 8, 2013. When the game first launched in public, it’s not got a warm welcome from a user who plays MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena) game, because users already play Dota who use MOBA genre. Although the similarity between DOTA this game can shine finally on its own.

Graphics also the strongest point of this game. It’s really great and you will love it very much. The developer, Gameloft can bring this game into success, you can look right now, and many users play this game on Android or IOS. Also, this game can present you the greatest MOBA battle on the smartphone.

 Heroes of Order & Chaos Features

Of course, all of you must curious about this game features. So what make this game shine brightly? Check out the features of this game below.

  • Greatest MOBA Experience on Mobile: this real, you can fight 5 vs 5 or 3 vs 3 without lag, yeah at first it sounds impossible but actually, it’s possible. The developer of this game really done well. You can find the same experience when playing MOBA on PC. You can get the full experience from it.
  • High Definition Graphic: The quality of the graphics really great. It’s like you play the game on PC. It’ hard to believe mobile game graphics engine can become like this. The visual also really great.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Forget about to play alone in this game, because your teamwork is key to success in this game, without that, it’s like you already lose before playing this game. You can apply many strategies in this game to beat down all your enemy.
  • Many Heroes to Collect: You can collect many heroes, with the unique appearance and different skill. You can try each of them, approximately there are 52 heroes in this game you can try. Are you ready to choose which your favorite characters?

Heroes of Order & Chaos Gameplay

This game uses MOBA genre or Massive online battle arena. This kind of genre must rare for some of you. Do you know about Dota? This game uses MOBA genre. Do you surprise? Yeah, this is for real. At the first look, this game looks really complicated, but it’s actually not. At the beginning of the game, you choose your favorite hero, and there will be a tutorial to introduce about the gameplay of this game.

This game like usual RPG, you need to level up your characters, customize the equipment and also upgrade the skill of your heroes. There are many different activities you can do in this game, we sure you won’t be bored by it. The action of this game really great to watch, every hero have their unique skill to choose. Oh yeah, this game has many heroes to choose. There are 52 heroes in this game. So, choose which one do you like or fit your style.

The control of this game also quite smooth. It’s really responsive, so you don’t need to tap repeatedly to use the skill of your heroes. We guaranteed you won’t find a problem regarding the control of the game. Overall, the game quite entertaining, we sure all of you will enjoy it. The most interesting features of this game are 5 vs 5 battle, this never happens in the mobile phone game. This game also presents it without lag or bug, this is a great job for Gameloft.

In-App-Purchase VS Heroes of Order & Chaos Hack

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