Hello, my friend, welcome to dodohack, the best website to get everything you need about your favorite games. In this shiny day, I would like to share some tips on how to get Little Big Farm Gems. Do you want to know about it? I’m sure you want to know how to obtain this thing, right? As we know, Gems is really hard to get and that’s why I will tell you some ways to get it. Now, let’s check it out.

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Tips To Get Little Big Farm Gems

Spin The Wheel

Come and meet the girl with the red dress every day and she will give you a chance to spin the wheel. Actually, the prize is not only Gems, you can get the other prizes as well such as Gold, resources and etc. But, if you are lucky enough, you can get some Gems from this wheel. So, don’t miss a day to spin it, okay.

Watch Video

This game allows you to watch a video in order to get free Gems. You just need to click the plus (+) button which has Gems picture. It is located on your top right side of your screen. Then, there will be Get Free Gems button, just click it again. Finally, you will see three options there and you have to choose watch video which will give you free Gems.


I don’t have to explain about where to find this one. You just need to do it like you found the watch video button. You will find this offerwall in the middle of the three options that I have told you before. Offerwall will give you some offer so you can get some Gems. For example, it will offer you a number of Gems but you need to download a game and clear the task that has been given.

Clear The Achievements

You also can get the Gems from the achievements. Each time you clear one achievement, you will get a number of Gems for free. To find this achievements section, you just have to click the house. There, you can see a lot of achievements that can be cleared.

Like This Game On Facebook

You will get 5 Gems if you like this game on your facebook account. So, just find the wrench picture on your top left side screen and click the community button. Then, tap the collect button on it and the 5 Gems will be yours.

Try This Link

This is my last Little Big Farm tips that I can tell you. If my tips above is not enough for you, why don’t you try this one? Here, I give you Little Big Farm hack link so you can generate as many Gems as you like. Don’t hesitate to try it, guys, because I already try it first before I share it with you.

That’s all the tips to get Little Big Farm Gems that I can share with you. I hope that these tips can help you in gaining lots of Gems for this game. Then, thank you for reading and see you next time.