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About Hungry Shark Evolution

So, what the different between this game and the previous title. The evolution meaning in this game is exactly the same as it is. You will find a constant update in this game than the previous game. So, for you who play the previous game must play this game to feel the changes.

This game releases on 2013. You can play this game on Android or IOS. There is no version different from both devices. This game quite amazing in its own way. If you ever play the previous one. You know what we talking about.

Hungry Shark Evolution Features

Of course, this game has amazing features that make you curious about it. Now, check out the full features below.

  • Many Shark to Choose: at least there are 14 sharks you can choose. So, pick your favorite and become the best one who hunts down your prey in the vast sea.
  • Many Missions: exactly there are 75 missions in this game. We sure you won’t be bored with it. Beat all the missions and show who is the boss in this game.
  • Equip Your Shark to Become more powerful: Like RPG game, you can also equip your shark some gadget and item. Of course, it will increase the status of your shark. Maybe you will become faster to hunt down your prey.
  • High Definition Graphics: The quality graphics in this game like the console game. We sure all of you will be amazed with it. The effects and details really amazing to see.
  • Find Your Baby Shark: So, what this baby can do? Of course to boost your status. It will greatly increase your power when hunting down your prey.

Hungry Shark Evolution Gameplay

We sure all of you already know very well about this game. So, we don’t need to tell you that much about this game. If you curious or never try the previous one. You can find it in Play Store. The size not really big. But at least you free some space on your device. Of course, this game is free to play you don’t need to pay it unless you buy the in-app-purchase for this game.

The gameplay not really hard. Actually really simple. At the beginning, you will give a tutorial to learn about the game mechanism. We sure all of you won’t find a real problem in the tutorial section. At the first time you control your normal shark but when you arrive at the certain point in the game you can choose another shark.

Your task in this is eating and eat. You will be given a score each time you eat a fish. There is nothing special in the game mechanic. If you ever play Feeding Frenzy you will find the similarities. The game not really hard, we sure all of you can manage that. There is also baby shark that can boost your predator power that makes this game easier to play.

Overall, this game quite good. We sure all of you will like it than the previous one. The graphics also really good. The effects and details really smooth. It’s like you play a console game. Now, what are you waiting for? Try this game. We sure you will get addicted to this game.

In-App-Purchase VS Hungry Shark Evolution Hack

Our hack is the efficient way if you want to get free gems and coins immediately. Can you show us the proof you can find a better hack than this one? The answer must be no. After you see all the benefits that we already mentioned, your doubt must go away. But, the choice is yours.

You can also use the In-App-Purchase to get the gems and coins. The main problem is can you manage to buy all of them? The answer must be no. If you look at the crazy price that this game offer. You must be getting a heart attack. For some people, they can get it, but for you who don’t can only see. That’s why to use our Hungry Shark Evolution hack. All of you can get the pleasure.

For you who want to play normally to get gems and coins that’s okay. If you want to waste all your time to collect the currency, do whatever you want. But, for some people, it’s not a very effective way. You don’t need to play clean in a game nowadays because they also cheating to you by offering you the in-app-purchase.