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About Line Gets Rich

This phenomenal game first released on May 11, 2014, by Naver Japan. The game already becomes the hits in mobile gaming era. This game changes the people perspective about gaming industries on mobile. So, that’s why this game becomes very popular among the mobile game.

This game available on Android and IOS. Both systems have the same features and same gameplay. The interesting features about this are we can challenge other people to duel against us in the monopoly game. Of course, you need a good connection to play this game with others player around the world.

Line Gets Rich Features

Of course popular game must have good features that make all the players addicted to it. Here is the list of this game features. Check it out below.

  • The Thrilling Gameplay: This game offers you fantastic gameplay. Roll your dice and feel the greatness of this game. We sure you won’t regret to try this game. Climb your way to becoming the top players in this game and avoid the bankruptcy.
  • Many Characters to Choose: You can choose many characters with their different skill and personalities. Team up with your favorite characters and become the top players. Also, many mascot characters from the other game appear in this game, so be sure to check it out.
  • Fortune Card: Like the name, it brings a luck to all of you who get it. With this card, you command anything to obey your order. For example, you can decrease your opponent properties or any other else. So, keep this card if you ever get one, because it’s really crucial.
  • Multiplayer Mode: This is what make this game so awesome. In this mode not only you can duel your friends but also you can team up with them to begin your journey in this game.

Line Gets Rich Gameplay

Okay guys, of course, all of you know about this phenomenal game. This game really great to play, we sure all of you like it very much. Now, we want to talk about the gameplay of this game little bit. At the beginning of the game, you need to create characters, all characters have different skill, so choose wisely. After that, you will be given a brief tutorial how to play this game. if you finish the tutorial you will get good rewards.

This game offers you monopoly play style. So, if you familiar with this board game, we sure you know how to play this game. if you want to play this game you need a lot of luck actually to roll the dice. The gameplay like a monopoly game, there is no change at all. The only differences are dice and characters have a special skill that can be activated during the turn the game begin.

The graphics also quite good. The details and effects really fantastic and gorgeous. We sure you will like the graphics quality. Next, about the control of this game. It’s not bad, actually, it’s really great. The touch screen really responsive that makes this game very easy to play. The control also really simple, you don’t need to do anything complicated to play this monopoly game.

What makes this game really interesting is the multiplayer mode. You can battle against your friends to become the best one. You can also play together to beat the enemies. Of course, your teamwork will be tested in this game. Overall, this game pretty good, we sure all of you will enjoy this game.

In-App-Purchase VS Line Gets Rich Hack

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