Do you know how to get Smoolas in this game? Do you want to know how? Okay then, I will tell you some tricks to get this thing. But, let me tell you first about what is the use of this things. Smoola is the currency of this game which used to buy/unlock some songs which still unlocked. Each song will have a different price depends on the quality of the song. So, if you think that it is hard to be obtained, you are wrong, guys. It is like a piece of cake for me. So, just follow my Magic Piano tips and tricks below if you want to get lots of Smoolas.

Magic Piano Tips And Tricks To Get More Smoolas

Play To Get It

The basic way is by playing this game very often and it will be my first Magic Piano trick. As we know, each time you have finished a song, you will earn some Smoolas. The better score that you get, the better the number of Smoolas you will obtain.

Click The Free Smoolas Button

On the main menu, you will see a plus (+) button on the right bottom side of your screen. Just click it and you will find a button with a word “free” on it. When you click that button, they will ask you to download an application first. Then, follow the task that they have given. After you have cleared the task you will get some Smoolas for free.

Increase Your Level

You will get some Smoolas just by raising your level. Each time you move from one level to another, they will give you some Smoolas as the reward.

Use My Last Tip

I have one last tip that you can try. Just check out this Magic Piano hack if you are curious. All you have to do is just follow the instructions that have been provided and BOOM. The Smoolas will be transferred to your account directly. This is the best tip to get it for me.


It is easy to obtain the Smoolas if you follow all Magic Piano tips and tricks that I have shared above. Remember to give your comment in the box below and share this article with your friends. Then, thanks for your attention and bye-bye.