Tired of limited Smoolas? Wanna get more? Don’t worry about it. All you need to do is to follow my guide to getting more Smoolas to your Magic Piano account. We all know Magic Piano is the most favorite music game today. Almost everyone plays this game because of its uniqueness. Then, it crosses to my mind to share what I know about getting free Smoolas.

Before I would share this tips & trick, I am going to know about what are you going to do if you had lots of Smoolas? Shoot your answer in the comments below. To make this article alive that spread with many comments. Alright then, let’s bake the cake in the oven.

Step to get free Smoolas in Magic Piano Game

Getting Free Smoolas

First Way: Tap the plus icon as the image above show. It will redirect you to a page where you can get either buy Smoolas or get it for free. However, you need an effort to get it for free. Such as, liking their facebook fan page, inviting your friends, connect with facebook, install an app and so on.

Earn Smoolas from achievements

Second Way: Just like the other game. Magic Piano comes with achievement section where you can enjoy earning it to get free Smoolas. Does it sound interesting right? Sometimes, many people don’t aware about this one as there is no tutorial which says that.

Free Smoolas by Leveling Up

The last one is to increase your level then you get really nice rewards. The highest your reach your level, the highest reward you earn. If you want to get many experiences from this game. You can try to play with either medium or hard song. I know, it is completely hard and you may ask me. What the hell are you talking about? I am a beginner at this time. One word that I would say, keep trying for it. It is hard at the first time but easier in the second time and so on.

I really hope you can enjoy reading this article, I know this is a basic one but it can help someone who is a newcomer in this game to understand more about how this game works. We also have some recommendation for you who want to do it in a quick way. Feel free to visit Magic Piano hack before the developer closes its door.