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About Marvel Avengers Academy

Marvel Avengers Academy is developed by TinyCo entertainment. This game based on Avengers Academy comic. This game released on Android and IOS. The game quite popular when since it first released on February 4, 2016. This game make us remember the heroic events on Marvel heroes.

The graphics of this game really gorgeous. We sure all of you know satisfied wth it. the details and effects really awesome. For a mobile game, the graphic quite great, it’s hard to believe guys.

What Makes Marvel Avengers Academy Different

The game is different from any others RPG. The game quite easy to play and also it really addicted. this game also have many features, like dating system unlike any common RPG. the story of this game is really fantastic, it feels like you absorb into the story itself. the battle system and leveling also unique. This game also have many characters, so you can choose your own favorites characters.

Marvel Avengers Academy Gameplay

At first in the game you play as a manger of Marvel Avengers academy. Your task in this game is to train all Marvel heroes to become the best one. you don’t need to be surprise because you train a younger version of Marvel heroes. all your favorite Marvel heroes will here. you’re not only train your heroes to become the best one, but you must crush the super villain called Hydra who want to destroy the academy.

You can meet all the heroes like the cocky Tony Starks and the strongest Hulk. You also need to think what the best heroes that you need to take in the battlefield.So, how to train your heroes to speed up quickly? You can use the Facilities building to train more effectively or you can train manually by beating all enemies in each stage.

You can upgrade all the facilities building in this game to have more effect. At first, the training building is still unlocked, but when you character gain enough level it will unlocked automatically. The battle system not really complex because what you need to do is only watch the battle. To use the skill you need to tap the characters icon to unleashed it.

What make this game interesting are the dating features and facilities building. in this game you can select two people to go on a date and rise up the relation between the two of them to unleashed more powerful skill. the facillities building is your best place to train. this two features what makes this game really great.

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