Marvel already become the iconic figure in the world thanks to the superhero that they created. They back again with the newest game called Marvel Avengers Academy. Today, I want to give you Marvel Avengers Academy review. So, from there, you can decide the game will be good or not. Of course, I will tell you everything about this game. Now, to cure your curiosity, take a look at the list below.

Marvel Avengers Academy Review | What So Good About This Game?

The story of the Game: It’s very simple, you as a Marvel heroes you need to beat the evil organization, the named Hydra. All the Marvel heroes will back again to the high school day and they need to build the school from the scratch. Can you they beat Hydra? It all depends on your efforts.

The Graphics of the Game: So, how about the game graphics? Without a doubt, it’s quite great. But, it’s not that amazing. I think the graphics aspects are decent.¬†

Control Mechanism: The main control is using a touch screen. The respond is really great. You won’t find any laggy on the control except if you have low RAM on your computer.

dating system

Features of The game

  • Many Marvel characters to Choose: Choose Captain American, Ironman, Thor, Hulk and much more. Raise your favorite hero stars until becoming the strongest one.
  • Facilities: You can upgrade your heroes by placing them in the facility. Different facilities will have different effects. So, don’t forget to take advantages of it.
  • Dating: The recent features that have¬†been added to this game. It’s about dating features. You can date with your others mate to make increase the relationship. You will get a reward based on your relationship.

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marvel avangers academy gameplay


If you love Marvel superheroes, this is the great game you should play. The most amazing features that I like it’s the dating system. It’s really similar to playing the Sims. You can download the game from your Playstore. Overall, this is a good game that you should play in leisure time.