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About Marvel Contest of Champions

This game first releases on 2014. Everyone already waiting for this game for a really long time. Because it’s the first time Marvel characters fight against each other in this game. Many fighting games that release smartphone, but can you find the best one? Only this can make you feel satisfied with the fighting genre.

This game releases exclusively on Android and IOS. SO, you will be fine if you have the OS system. This game has many modes that make all of you play this game all day long. If you love fighting game we sure you will try this game.

Marvel Contest of Champions Features

Of course all of you curious what features what makes this game really phenomenal. Check it out below to see the full features of this game.

  • Many Characters to Use: This game has many characters roster you can choose from the heroes and villain. Both of them with a unique skill. Choose which one is your favorite and become the number one players in this game.
  • Team Up With Your Friends: You can battle with your friends or take alliance quest together. Now, beat down your friends and proof which one is the strongest.
  • Upgrade Your Heroes: This is the reason when your heroes want to become stronger. Upgrade your hero is really fundamental when you play this game. Can you win against your normal hero against upgraded hero? Of course, you will be down in one hit.
  • Quest: Enjoy the story of each Marvel characters. You can fell the sensation when joining S.H.I.E.L.D or other alliance. Save the world and become the renowned player in this game.

Marvel Contest Champions Gameplay

You can find this game on your Play Store. Just download it like usual and install it. You need to update your game. The main problem is this game always get a constant update we hope you be ready for it. After everything is done. You will be given a tutorial how to play this game. The tutorial really simple, you will know how to play this game in no time.

At first, you will get a weakling hero. So, what you need to do to make it stronger? It’s pretty simple. Just level up and upgrade it. Each hero also has synergy bonus. So, what is this anyway? It’s a bonus status when you manage your heroes with the same synergy. That’s why your strategy in this game is really crucial to beat down all your enemies.

There is also Alliance Quest you can do with your friends. So, you need to work together to win this battle. This is a special event that only takes place in the special quest map. Your teamwork with your friends is the key to getting the exclusive Alliance reward. Also, you take on Alliance Event, climb to the top and get the reward from it. The opponent is vary from each floor. So, you need extra careful about it.

The graphics of this game quite good. We sure all of you will like it. The 3D quality is really smooth. We also find no lag when in the fighting part. The control also really responsive and easy to navigate. The developer really did well with the virtual controller. Overall, if you like fighting game, we sure you will get this game soon. Now, choose your best hero and become the number one in this game.

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