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About Need for Speed No Limits

This game racing game launched on September 25, 2015. Of course, many users already waiting for this game. Like we guess, at the first the game released, many users already play this game and the result many users satisfied with Electronics Art (EA) for the best game that they offer.

The game also has a special event on 7 until 12 October 2015. The event is celebrated with American rapper, Snoop Dogg. So, what do you get from this event? You can try Ford Shelby GT500 with special mark Snoop Dogg. For you who don’t have the chance to try it, shame on you.

What Makes Need for Speed No Limits Different

Why many users always play this game, unlike any other racing game? Because this game has what the other game doesn’t have. The customization and intuitive control that this franchise offers what make it become the solid racing game. The story also becomes the core of this series. Also, the developer knows what make everyone who plays this feel happy, important or not is really crucial to think more about the users.

Need for Speed No Limits Gameplay

For you who already have the game must know how amazing this game is. If you ever played Need for Speed series on console or PC this game not really different actually. The story like usual you become the underground street racer and you need to complete each mission that already given to you. At the beginning of the game, you will choose your very first car and the tutorial screen will appear to guide you understand this game.

This game offers you many modes like Standard race or time race. A standard race is you duel with your opponent like your normal racing game. Now, the time race is quite interesting to play, because in each race you will be given a time and if your time runs out the game over already waiting for you at the end.

This game has 30 cars you can use. Now, we’re going to the main features of this game. Customization and upgrade. The customization section in this game really entertaining. You will spend your time hour an hour to design your car. You can also upgrade your car engine. How to get the material to upgrade your car? Of course, win the race.

The control of this game really great. Now you can’t see the pedal or brake on your screen anymore. So if your car wants to turn left or right you need to slide your fingers to the right position. At first the control really hard to master but when you finally understand how to use, this game will become very easy compared to any other racing game out there.

Overall, this game is really good to play moreover about the customization section. This features what make this game really shine. The graphics quality also really good. It’s like you play this game on console or PC. We guaranteed you play this game or if you fanatic about racing, this game is a must for you.

In-App-Purchase VS Need for Speed No Limits Hack

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