Need For Speed No Limits, one of the best racing games for mobile. It comes from the same developer as Real Racing 3, Electronic Arts. This game is really amazing because of its great gameplay and support by an amazing graphic. It is so great for you who like a racing game. And for you all the beginners, I want to tell you some Need For Speed No Limits tips and tricks. These tips will tell you how to become a good racer in this game.

Need For Speed No Limits Tips And Tricks

Upgrade Your Car ASAP

In a racing game like this one, upgrading the car would be an important thing to do. This will help and make you easier to win races. The better your car, the more races that you will win. So, you need to check out on the stages that will give you the reward to upgrade your car. Each stage has different rewards. So, in order to upgrade your car, you can go to the garage and see the parts that you needed to upgrade your car.

Take Advantage From The Nitro

While you are in a race, you can use the nitro that you have in your car. The nitro is used to give you a boost. It will make your car go even faster. So, as long as you have the nitro, you don’t have to worry about facing a better car than yours because the nitro would give you a hand. And to get the Need For Speed No Limits nitro, you have to perform some things that will increase the nitro such as drift, jump, and go through the nitro boost (The Arrow With A Blue Color).

Focus And Stick On One Car First

Since you are still new, you won’t need so many cars to race. So, you have to focus just on one car that you will use as your main car. Give more focus on one car is much easier than when you have to divide your focus on two or three cars. When you just have one car that you have to upgrade, you will save more time. Just imagine if you have two or more cars to be upgraded, you will need to repeat some stages over and over again. So, choose your car wisely and stick with it until you need another car.

Stay Focus While Racing

While racing, your focus is really needed here. In this game, you will meet some obstacles that will come over you. So, you need to avoid them in order to avoid a collision. Make sure to look ahead to know what’s coming to you so you can prepare yourself to avoid it.

Just Forget The Damage

Your car can be damaged each time you crash your car into the other cars or the obstacles. Maybe it will affect your car’s speed a little but you don’t have to worry about the damage that your car receive. You don’t have to spend money to repair all of the damage. Your car will back to normal once you have finished the race.

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