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About Nova 3 Freedom Edition

This game was released on May 10, 2012. This game is the third installment in Nova series. The genre is sci-fi FPS. The game similar to Call of Duty and Killzone. Gameloft release two version of this game, the first one is Nova 3 and the Freedom Edition. If you want to play it for free you can go with the Freedom Edition.

This game not only available on Android and IOS but also on Microsoft phone. So, all of you can try this game on that devices. Of course, if you like Halo you need to play this game because this game inspired from that series.

Nova 3 Freedom Edition Features

Of course, all of you need to know what the features in this game before you play it. Now, if you curious about it, check out the list below.

  • Epic Storyline: Join your crew in Nova 3 to explore the vast and beautiful world. Save your comrade and beat the evil boss. You will be given a good storyline to save all mankind in the future world.
  • A variety of weapons: this game offers many varieties of weapon you can choose. Do you like a laser? Go for it. You won’t get bored with this game. Of course, you can’t forget to power up your gun before battle start.
  • Ride Your Vehicle: in this game, you can use some vehicle to battle your enemy. It’s required in some mission to ride your vehicle. Feel the amazingness when shoot your gun from the vehicles.
  • Online Multiplayer: Create your best team to begin your adventure in Nova 3 planet. Of course, you need a good internet connection to play it. Your teamwork in this mode is very crucial to win the battle.
  • Super Crisp 3D Graphics: this game offers you super quality graphics. You will be glad this game release on the smartphone. The graphics quality really awesome. The details can make all of you melting from it.

Nova 3 Freedom Edition Gameplay

Gameloft offer you two type of game, free to play and purchase. Of course, some users will think to play the game for free, but if you purchase it, you will get the benefit from it. So, what the benefit? Try it for yourself. The Freedom Edition is the free version of Nova. From the gameplay aspect, there is no different at all. Only some features in this game are locked, if you want to try it you need to purchase the game.

At the beginning when you start the game, you will be given a cinematic opening from this game. Next, the tutorial will begin to help you what you need to do in Nova series. The gameplay aspect of this game is quite similar to COD on the console. If you ever play or fanatic about that game, we sure all of you know how to play this game.

You need to explore each planet to finish the mission. You can also find many varieties of weapon you can choose. Oh yeah, all weapon in this game can be upgraded, so don’t forget to upgrade it before you go to the battlefield because the key to winning this game is your skill and the weapon power. The graphics of this game really good. The details and effects really gorgeous to see.

The control of this game really easy. Of course, some of you think if use the virtual d-pad the control will be complicated. Now, you can forget that, though. The control of this game really sensitive and responsive. That’s why is easy to navigate it. Overall, if you like FPS game, you must play this game, because you won’t find this great game again on the smartphone.

In-App-Purchase VS Nova 3 Freedom Edition Hack

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