Our Team

Here you can find our best team who always help to provide a really great tutorial and also some glitch on the game. This is my life. We can’t live without sharing our knowledge to people who need it. If you would like to join our team. You could go to the contact page. Then, if you would donate a few bucks. You can go to donation page.

Below is our team that help to build Dodohack to be the best site among the other. Feel free to check it out.

Jack McGoff

Call me Jack, addicted to technology that tries to change the world much better. There is nothing I can do at this time except to help people on gaming industry to get what they want.

Gram Benzema

Without a game, I can’t live. Yeah, game already becomes part of my life. That’s why I hacking a game to show you my passion for gaming. Live long gaming industries

Carol Huff

Life is simple, but it would be complicated if you think so hard. Just let it flow, work hard and play hard. We can’t reach something without working hard and we can’t get something without playing hard.

James Blue

Hello, I’m James Blue. Hacking is my world, my soul, and my life. I cannot live without it. So, stay tuned on this website. See you…