Hello, good people. How are today? I hope that you are in a good condition because I’m gonna tell you PES Club Manager guide. This guide will help you to decide the best formation that you want to use for your team. I’m sure that you already know that the most difficult thing in playing a soccer manager is deciding the best formation. And because of that fact, you need to see this, guys.

PES Club Manager Guide – The Best Formation for Your Team

Attacking Formation – 4-3-3



If you are the type of person who likes an all out attack, the 4-3-3 formation will suit you enough. This one is really good for an attacking style team especially, the one who play like Barcelona. With 3 attacking players up front and 3 creative midfield general in the middle will make your team hungry for goals. This formation is very good when playing both long and short ball. Overall, 4-3-3 is the best formation for you who have a lot of players in attacking position. Moreover, if your strikers have great abilities.

Balance Formation – 3-4-3


A team with a great balance between their attack and defense would be really amazing. If you can manage your players correctly, you will make a really great team. Or maybe it will be hard to get beaten. This formation is so flexible although there are just 3 players on the back. The two wing back role in this formation is very crucial because they are the busiest players on the team. They will go up to help the strikers while attacking the enemy’s defense and go down while the team has to defend from the enemy’s attack. So, your team will launch an attack with 5 players and defend with 5 players also. Even the two central midfielders can also help the attack and defense whenever they are needed. This formation is really deadly when launching a counter attack. Foe me, this one is PES Club Manager best formation.

Defensive Formation – 5-3-2


Having a good defense would be every soccer manager players’ dream. And if you love to defend a lot, this one will be perfect for you. This formation will help you when you have too many defensive players or when your attacking players are having an injury. When 5 defensive players are staying on the back and helped by the three midfielders, it would be very hard to penetrate. Your enemy will feel depressed because of their attempt to score on your goal is failed one by one.

Actually, every formation is good. It depends on the players that you have. If you have great players, they can turn your formation become the most feared. So, in order to achieve it, you have to use PES Club Manager hack so you can get so many Coins to buy some new players and create the strongest team ever.

The tip above is the end of my PES Club Manager guide. If you find that it is useful for you, please share your comment in the box below. And check out also the other game’s guide, tips, and review, only on dodohack.