Hi, welcome to the best website to find some game tips, review, and guide. And today, I wanna give you Pou game review. As we know, this game is really popular since its first release until now. And people from all ages love to play it in their spare time. So, how can it become so popular and make people get addicted like that? Then, let’s take a look my review about it to find the answer.

Pou Game Review

What Game Is It?

Pou is a virtual pet game where you have to take care Pou, a cute alien creature. If you ever played Tamagotchi before, you must be familiar with how to play this one because it is quite similar. In this game, you have to feed him, clean him, play with him, and much more that you can do with Pou. You can also grow him from a baby until the adult. So, it is like having a pet but in a virtual game.

Pou Gameplay

pou gameplay

The Interesting Things In This Game

In this game, we are not only taking care of Pou. We can dress him up with a lot of outfits, hats, and much more to make him looks great. Then, we can play with him in the game room like such as playing football. Also, there are so many exciting mini games that we can try to get some Coins in order to buy some costumes or decorations. And if you get bored to play alone, you can play together with your friends. There are a lot of things that you can do in this game and you won’t get bored easily because of that.

How To Play This Game?

This game is very easy to play because you just need to take care your Pou by feeding him up when he is hungry, clean his body when he gets dirty, cure him when he is sick and play with him when he gets bored. There are four bars that are located on the top of your screen, food, health, fun, and energy. And in order to fill all of the bars, you have to move from one room to another. If you want to feed him, you need to go to the kitchen. When Pou is tired, bring him to the bedroom and so on. So, you just need to bring him to the right room when his need is decreasing.

Overall, this is a very good virtual pet game that you can play. So, I can suggest you play it if you like a virtual pet game like this one. Oh yeah, if you need some Coins for this game, I suggest you try this Pou hack right now. Okay, I think it is the end of my Pou game review for today. I hope it can be useful for all of you. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.