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About Pou

This game first releases on August 5, 2012. When it first launched this game make all the players remember about the Tamagotchi game. The gameplay really similar. That’s why this game receives many positive reviews from all people who already try this game.

You can play this game on Android, IOS and Blackberry OS. This game quite phenomenal when it first launched in public. If you want to bring up your childhood memory this game is a must for you. We sure all of you will like it very much.

Pou Features

Of course good game must have a good feature that makes all the users play the game. Now, check out the list below to look to at full features of this game.

  • Take Care Your Pou: Feed your Pou. Don’t let it die so easily. All your Pou can grow if you feed it regularly. So, you really need to take care you Pou and show it to your friends how amazing your Pou.
  • Customize: Of course you can customize your Pou. You can change the color or give a cloth, glasses, and hats. Think creative and let your Pou become the coolest ever.
  • Talk With Your Pou: Do you think to speak with your Pou it’s not really important? Of course, this is important to raise your Pou affection toward you. of course, you can also touch your Pou to play with them.
  • Play with Your Friends: You can go online to visit your friends Pou’s. You can look how the condition. Also, you can compare it with your Pou. So, raise your Pou well to show off to your friends.

Pou Gameplay

This game is free to play. It won’t cost you anything unless you buy the In-App-Purchase in this game shop. This game really makes you miss your childhood. Why? If you play Tamagotchi game you know what it means. Now, we can say this game is the modern version of Tamagotchi game.

The gameplay really simple guys. In the beginning of the game, you need to take care of your newborn Pou. Of course, the tutorial screen will be displayed to help you understand the game mechanism. This is a fantastic game because you can do many things. The important one doesn’t forget to talk and feed your Pou to let it grow.

You can also decorate your Pou to become lovelier. If you like glasses, you can equip it to your Pou. Also, you can wear a cloth into your Pou. You can play mini games to collect coins. This coins can be exchanged for an item in the shop. The graphics of this game also quite good. The 2D quality really good.

Overall, if you like simulation and Tamagotchi game, you need to play this game. We sure you won’t regret to try this game. The most enjoyable part of this game is talking with your Pou because it’s like you talk about your real pets.

In-App-Purchase VS Pou Hack

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