Almost every player loves to play a racing game. I don’t know why exactly but I think because it is an addicting game genre. But, just racing with the car sounds too usual, right? But, how if we can combine a combat with a racing game? Of course, it would be a massive combination. And now, I wanna give you Road Riot review, the game which already combines both elements to their racing game.

Road Riot Review

This one is a combat racing game which comes from the developer named Tango. If you judge this game just from its graphic, you may think that it must be a bad game. But, you cannot do that. You have to see it from the overall. Maybe the graphic is not too good but it has a really exciting gameplay. If it is not a good game, how can it have more than 10 million downloads in the Play Store?

Road Riot Gameplay

The gameplay of this game is really simple where the player just needs to control their car to the left or right to avoid the enemies who are trying to destroy us. Then, we just need to collect as many scores as we can to make a high score. Each time we race, we will need to spend a key. The keys that we have spent can be refilled again in every fifteen minutes. While we are in the race, we cannot bump to the enemies because it will end our ride.

Here, our car is equipped with a powerful weapon to destroy the enemies in front of us. And each enemy that we have destroyed will drop a Coin which is the currency of this game. There are also some power-ups that we can pick up from them which can help us during the race.

We can also upgrade our car like its main weapon, armor, side weapon, turrets, and paint. The weapon and armor that we have upgraded will increase its ability in destroying the enemies and protecting our car from destruction.

The Graphic of This Game

If you think that the graphic is really bad, you are so wrong. Actually, it is not bad at all. Since this game uses the cartoon look-alike graphic, that’s why it looks so usual. For me, the cartoon graphic in this game is very good. It is so colorful and sharp.

What is the Use of the Coins?

The Coin in this game is used to do some upgrade that I have explained before. So, it is so important to improve your car’s ability while you are in the race. The number of Coins needed to upgrade your car will increase for each time you do it. So, you will need to collect a lot of it in order to upgrade your car. But, if you need a faster way to get it, you can try Road Riot hack because it can give you the number of Coins that you want. If you curious about this, just try it as soon as possible.

That ends my Road Riot review for today. I hope this review can give you a lot of information about this game. And if you want to know some game review or tips, you can make a request on the available comment box.