Dragon Mania Legends is the game that everyone loves to play, especially the kids. It is because of its exciting gameplay where we can build a city full of dragons as well as taking care and raising them. This is a very good game for all ages and it will give us a lot of excitement. Now, let me tell you some of the best Dragon Mania Legends tips and tricks that can help you progress faster and better.

Dragon Mania Legends Tips and Tricks

Below here I divided the tips and tricks into two categories. So, check it out one by one and try to apply it all on your game account.

The Basic Tips for Dragon Mania Legends

  • Level Up Your Dragons

    The best way to level up them is by giving them food that they like. When you feed them, you will increase the bar which can be filled until it is full. Then, if it is already full, your dragon will gain a level higher. Do it often and you will make them stronger. But, each time you level up, the number of food required to level up your dragon will be increased

  • Build More Farm

    The farm is one of the most important buildings in this game. Without this thing, you cannot feed your dragons. The farm is the place to produce some foods for your dragons so it is important to have this building. And if you can try to make as many farms as you can and upgrade them all to the max so you can gather more food for your dragons.

  • Upgrade the Habitat

    A habitat can only accommodate one dragon before you upgrade it. So, try to upgrade it to make more space for your dragons to live. Then, you can also save some space on your land.

Dragon Mania Legends Battle Tips

  • Get Rid with the Easiest One First

    In this game, you will have to battle three on three. Sometimes from the three enemies, there must be one which is harder to get beaten. And the rest are the easier one. So, don’t try to attack and kill the hardest one first because it won’t be effective. Try to get rid the easiest one first then the hardest one. If you do this, you will get less damage since the easier enemies have gone.

  • Attack the Enemies which Weak Against…

    In the battle, your attack will be divided into two categories, weak and strong attack. Your attack will be weak if you launch it to the enemy where their element is strong against yours. For example, if you are using the fire dragon to attack a water dragon, your attack will be weak. But, if you are using the water dragon to attack the fire dragon, of course, it would inflict a huge damage. Note: Weak attack marked with red color and strong attack marked with green color.

  • Try to Bring More than One Element

    Since there are various of dragons with different elements so you must take the dragons who has different element one to another. This is so important so you have an advantage while facing some different dragons. But, it is better if you take a look at the opponents first to see what element they have. So, you can manage your dragons and decide which one that you should bring.

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I have shared Dragon Mania Legends tips and tricks that I know with all of you. So, try to apply all the tips above if you want to make a good progress in this game.