Tired to collect a lot of Diamonds? Wanna know some tips to get Piano Tiles 2 Diamonds? As we already know that this thing is really important in this game. And it is also hard to be obtained, right? For that reason, today I would like to give you some tips on how to get it easily. So, stay tuned and let’s check it out.

Tips To Getting Piano Tiles 2 Diamonds

Facebook Login

facebook login

Here, we can connect the game with Facebook. This action is to make sure that your progress in this game is safe. And if we do this, we will get some Diamonds for sure. So, just connect your game with your Facebook account and you will get it after that.

Watch Videos

watch video

If you want another way to get the Diamonds for free, then, just watch some videos. Yeah, in this game there are some advertisement videos that you can see. You will get a number of Diamonds everytime you watch a video.

Buy The Diamonds In The Shop

diamond shop

Do you have a lot of money? I mean the real one. If you have, then, Diamond is not your problem. You can get it in a very short time if you buy it in the game store.

Wait For The Event


Maybe this is not the best tips for Piano Tiles 2. We can say that it just waste our time. But, it can help you a little in collecting the Diamonds. The good news is that this way won’t make you spend your money.

All the tips to get Piano Tiles 2 Diamonds above can be applied by all people. So, don’t hesitate to try those tips, okay. Wait a second. Actually, I still have one last tip that you can try. Here, just try this Piano Tiles 2 hack. By using this way, you will get tons of Diamonds in no time. Okay, guys, that’s all for today. I hope these tips can help you a lot especially for the newcomers. Thank you and see you in my next article.