Playing Warframe is really addicted. Many people tend to play this game to have their quality time. However, there are some difficulties of playing this game. They are paid players who spent their money to buy the premium currency. If you are one of them, stop doing it anymore because you can use our hack tool which is free to use and so powerful.

Why do we ask you to stop spending your money on a game? Because that is not necessary as you can get it for free. No more paid platinum while you are free to get it. We have helped lots Warframe player from our generator. The important thing of our hack tool, they neither do a survey or human verification. Say no to them! It makes them all so happy after using it. Don’t you believe us? Feel free to check the proof below.

hack proof

We have about 7.2k likes & 394 post shares from Warframe user. You might feel confused about seeing this proof. Wouldn’t you? Yeah, it is because we posted it in Warframe official fan page. We hack the FP then we posted it to their user because that is the only way to grab them to our tool. We would like to test is our tool could generate more than the 1k request in a minute and surprisingly, it could.

You are in The Right Track

Right now, our hack has generated over 300k request. No one got banned, it means that Warframe system is not really complex and easy to put a keyhole. If you would use our free platinum generator. Use it before Warframe caught it when they caught it they will improve their system and maybe we need to remake our Warframe hack.

Tips to Keep Your Account Safe

Indeed our tool is safe to use and we never find a banned account after use it. However, we encourage you to keep your account safe by following these rules.

  1. Don’t generate once a day
  2. Don’t do multiple requests in the same machine (if you have a friend who would like to use this tool after you get it, ask him to use on his own computer)
  3. Exit the game first before using it

Those all some rules that you have to follow because we have learned about their system that Warframe has a bot which monitors online user activity. Don’t let the bot caught you using this hack tool.

Step to Get Free Platinum

Here is the gold mine. After reading some proof and also the rule of using our generator. Now we would guide you to get free platinum on your Warframe account. We have designed our generator as easy as possible. We implemented a really great user-friendly interface but sometimes some people could not understand how to use it. So, just follow the step below.

hack button

  1. Click the button above
  2. After you are in the generator, click “Start Hack”
  3. Fill your detail such as username and platinum package (We won’t ask your password)
  4. Click “Connect”
  5. Wait for the progress
  6. Click “Continue”
  7. Done!

If you find any bugs regarding this tool. Don’t hesitate to give a comment below. If you don’t get your platinum to your account, you can also list your username in the comment. We claim our hack tool 100 % work but we never know if Warframe caught the keyhole.