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About WWE Immortals

This fighting game released on January 15, 2015. This game is developed by NetherRealm Studios. This game quite popular because of use the WWE franchise. For you who like free stuff, try this game. You don’t need to give your money, but you can purchase the extra content in this game to make your gaming experience more fun.

This game available on Android and IOS. For IOS users you don’t need to worry this game is for free, because some store on IOS when you want to install a game, you need to pay for it first. Once again this game will become a legend for a fighting game.

WWE Immortals Features

Of course, some of you wondering what the features of this game have. If you curious about the features of the game, see the list below to answer all your questions.

  • Epic Fighting: for the very first time WWE comes into a mobile phone. Of course, it will enhance the fighting part in this game. When you play this game, it’s like you watch a real SmackDown fight. The skill each player show it’s also really good to see.
  • Massive Characters to Play: What make WWE game quite popular because of the roster characters you can use. So, all players won’t be bored at all. Each character also has a unique play style you can’t imagine. So, choose your favorite characters and beat down your enemy.
  • Upgrade Your Skill: for the very first time WWE comes out with an RPG system. You can upgrade your characters and choose what move set you think is the best one for each character. Now, you if you forget to upgrade your characters you will be doom. So, upgrade and level up your characters is the key to winning this game.
  • HD Graphics Quality: This game use 3D graphics. Of course, the quality becomes good enough to entertain your eyes. The details and effects really great guys, we sure you won’t find any problem related to a graphical issue. Actually, it’s hard to believe a mobile phone can make this kind of graphics.

WWE Immortals Gameplay

We sure all of you familiar with Smack Down. It’s already released since PlayStation era. How about now? Of course, it’s still evolving and become more popular. The developer of this game success to deliver what all the players want. What about the gameplay? It’s still fun like before you, so you don’t need to worry about this game features.

At the beginning of the game, you will be given a brief tutorial to play this game. Actually, it’s not really hard to play this game. Actually, it’s really fun in its own way. You can start the career mode to become the legend fighter or you can play online with your friends to duel which one is the strongest.

The control of this game it’s not really hard. Actually, it’s really responsive and easy to launch a combo. At first, it’s really hard to use the virtual pad, but bit by bit you can use it without a problem. Each character has different control, so you need to master how to use the virtual pad effectively.

For the graphics, it’s really awesome. You can see the details and effects of all characters really well. We sure you won’t be disappointed with the graphic quality. Overall, this game is really good and enjoyable, we sure all of you who love fighting need to play this game. The major thing that makes this game quite popular is the multiplayer mode because you can duel with your friend’s one on one and get the best score on the leaderboard.

In-App-Purchase VS WWE Immortals Hack

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